Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 11 Story telling: Jack the Dare Devil

Jack was nibble
Jack was quick
Jack hit quite a few bricks

Jack was the coolest guy in school. He had all the girls fawning over him and he love every second of it. One of the many reasons he was so popular is he could do anything! He rode dirt bikes and was the head football player. His Achilles heel though, was that he never would back out of a challenge. Especially when the whole school knew about it. He went to a small public school that rivaled the private school in the private school the next town over. Most the rivalry was all talk but no action but jack was going to be the one that changed that.

One night at a party by the lake in between the two towns Jack had gotten in a fight with a boy from another school and decided to challenge him and his friends. The challenge ended up being about which school was better at dirt biking. He told the whole part that whoever does better at the course then whichever school they came from will be the ultimate winner. They set a time to meet up and how the scoring would go and everything was finalized. Little did they know there was a new girl who was known for her dirt biking skills back home.
The day of the race came and so both school crowded in the bleachers to see who would be victorious in the challenge. There were three boys from the other school and two including Jack from his school. All the kids went and did well but there was no definite winner. Even Jack didn’t blow everything out of the park. When everyone was bickering on who did better a biker came out of know where and came within feet of where they were standing and sprayed them with dirt from stopping so quickly. The biker put her foot down and took off the helmet and all the boys were shocked and scared at the same time. She told them if she could breeze through the course and make all of them look like they were beginners then the school rivalry had to end. They all agreed because they did not believe that she was that good. By the time she finished, everyone’s jaw was to the ground and amazed on how anyone could do so well. Jack was impressed but felt as though he was not the most popular so he challenged her to the house jump. A place a little ways off the course where only the pros go to jump. The jump is an old abandoned two story house with dirt mounds on the sides of it. She happily agreed and they were on their way there.
When they got there, jack said
“Ladies first” with a snide look on his face.
She said
“well if you insist.” With an eye brow raised and a smirk on her face.
She got to the lineup, blew a kiss to jack, and flew to the dirt mound and seemed to defy gravity when jumping over the house. She did a flip in the air and then landed perfectly in which she stopped he bike got off and took a cute curtsy. This infuriated Jack as he knew he couldn’t let a girl beat him.
He got to the starting point and took off immediately only to end up running into the brick wall of the house because he didn’t get enough speed. But no worries, the only thing injured that day was his pride.  

Author Note: I took the original Jack was nibble rhythm and made it into a story. i wanted to do it as though he was a daredevil at school but I wanted to have the story follow a rhythm like the original story. The Nursery Rhyme Book by Andrew Lang part of the Nursery Rhyme Unit.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WEEK 11 Reading notes; Nursery Rhythms, Part A

I am very unfamiliar with most of these but I would love to put a spin on one of the oldies like Jack be nibble or Little Bo Peep.

With Jack be nibble:
JACK, be nimble,
And, Jack, be quick;
And, Jack, jump over
The candlestick

I think it would be nice if I put it in modern times were he is a dare devil at school and does stunts that other kids tell him to do.

I always thought that the five little pigs was sung differently.

THIS pig went to market;
This pig stayed at home;
This pig had a bit of meat,
And this pig had none;
This pig said, "Wee, wee, wee!
I can't find my way home."

From  The Nursery Rhyme Book by Andrew Lang.