Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Reading Notes: Andersen Fairy Tales, Part B

I have heard of many versions of the little mermaid, one being that the prince does not fall in love with her and she ends up trying to sew her legs back together again so that she might be able to go back into the ocean and be with her family. I kind of want to take it a different way where the prince falls in love with the mermaid and tries to go into the sea to find her.

These notes come from the Anderson Fairy Tales Unit  by Hans Christian Andersen.

Reading notes: Andersen Fairy Tale unit, part A

I think it would be really cool to change the story of the prince to have a feminine fatal in there rather than he trying to destroy god.

The story of the tin man is really cool but I thin it could be rewritten as more from the point of view of the tin soldier rather than the third person point of view. It could really help with talking about all the things he would be seeing for the first time, like the mouse or the paper lady. 

(illustration by Bertall)
These notes come from the Anderson Fairy Tales Unit  by Hans Christian Andersen.