Friday, January 27, 2017

Feedback Thoughts

From, The Difference Between Praise That Promotes Narcissism vs. Healthy Self-Esteem, by Poncie Rutsch, I learned that just because one has narcissistic parents does not mean that one will become narcissistic. One becomes narcissistic because of others, overvaluing ones talents.  From, Be a Mirror: Give Readers Feedback That Fosters a Growth Mindset, by Gravity Goldberg I learned that I should not say things, like, "I like the way you..." and to word what I am saying in a way that they can use again in a different context. In 5 Tips For Taking Feedback Like a Champ, by Megan Burneau, I agree that what really matters is how you react to your feelings of discomfort, not that you feel bad about receiving feedback that is to make you improve.  I felt as though, Why Rejection hurts so much-and what to do about it, by Guy Winch did a good job of explaining why rejection hurts and that it is okay that it always will hurt. He also made a good point not to beat ourselves up about it because that only makes it worse. I feel the best way to give feedback is to make sure it is constructive and if you are going to say something that should be improved, that you should also say the way it should be improved.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Storytelling: Homer's Iliad, Achilles untold story

Being the son of an immortal nymph and king of Myrmidons, I have always felt like an outsider. Someone who protects but is not a part of; my path in life is to be the champion of all Greeks, the noblest warrior of all. The most important thing my dad told me was to be honorable. When Paris, prince of Troy, took the fair Helen, I knew it was my time to fight since I made a promise to fight by the man that she chose to marry. Even though there were many men I would have preferred her to marry, she choose Menelaüs. I am happy that at least that she did not choose his brother, Agamemnon. When her father died, Menelaüs became the King of Sparta. The only consolation I have to fighting this fight is that Patroclus will be by my side.
We have been at war now with troy for far too long. Agamemnon has sent half our troops to go to other cities to pay for this endless war we are perusing. I knew when Agamemnon took Chryseïs, the daughter of a priest of Apollo, we would be punished. With Agamemnon being so stubborn I cannot help this cause anymore. I am tired of seeing so many men slain because of greed. I know by arguing with Agamemnon I have to stand by what I say and I know I cannot stand with one that has so much greed. 
I hope that what I am doing is the right thing. I know my mother will do anything to help me and that she will have the gods stand with me. My thoughts are everywhere right now. I worry that Patroclus will be the brave man that he always is and go fight along the Greeks without me. He is too brave for his own good. I fear that I have already lost him and I that I can hope for is that he comes back to me before he gets the taste of being a glorious fighter in battle.
I do enjoy the time that I get to spend with Patroclus when we are dining and entertaining each other. I am glad to see that old friends have stopped by, they most know that it is not them that I am mad at, but the man they stand with. We must have a feast since there are so few day we spend together now. I know that what they came for was not to feast but to bring  me back to battle, if I were to do that, King Agamemnon would not have learned his lesson. They most know that he is there reason that all the Greeks are dying.
As soon as I saw Patroclus after our friends had left, I knew what he wanted to ask me. I also knew that I could not say no to him no matter how much it hurt me to know that I was sending him to his death. He has too kind of a heart to ever stop fighting for his fellow men and I know I will lose him if I let him go. The most I can do if let him have my armor. hopefully then I can still protect him. 

I knew by letting him go I was sending him to his death! I only wish that Agamemnon was able to see all the death and destruction he has brought upon the Greeks and the Trojans! I hope that by me avenging Patroclus' death is not confused by me coming to fight for Agamemnon. All that is needing to be done, is doing to Hector what he had done to my dear Patroclus. He is the one that has taken him from me. I will make him pay! 

Author's Note: I made this story sort of into first person based off of Achilles, I wanted to elaborate on his thoughts. I also felt like there was a connection that was greater than friendship with Patroclus. I read a few other sources that said others have thought the same thing but it cannot be proved anywhere. It was was not unheard of for men to desire men and women in this Greek culture as well, as said in this link.  I believe my story is best understood after a brief reading of the Iliad Rewritten by Alfred Church. , or after this sparknote version