Thursday, April 13, 2017

Story Planning: The Man and his dog

I want to write about Beth Gellert in the Celtic Story Unit , a hunter's favorite dog that he killed because he thought the dog killed his baby.  I definitely want to start my story in this way:

Jacob was a very well known hunter. People flocked to him to try to learn all his tricks of the trade. He always told them his most valued trick but they never believed him. They always thought it was something else that made him so good. He would always tell people that he is not the reason he is a good hunter but the fact that he has the best dog in the world for hunting.

I will go on and talk about how loyal the dog. Jacob thought that the dog became disloyal because he did not come when called one day. This is the point where the story will change from the original. I will have Jacob go and check to see why his loyal dog is not coming only to find out that it is fighting off a wolf that is trying to eat his child.

I am worried to do the story this way because I do not know how to end it. I definitely want a happy ending unlike how the original story is. (Still makes me tear up) I think if I have him come back right when he sees his dog kill the wolf would rather than he comes back in the middle of the fight. I have not decided. I also want to leave it on a not that you should always take your best friend with you when you can. I think I might incorporate Jacobs thoughts on how he might of mistakes the dog to have killed the kid instead of killing the wolf.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reading Notes Week 12: Celtic Tales, Part B

The story Beth Gellert makes me so sad.
A man wanted to go hunting with his favorite dog but would not come when called.
When he came back he found blood everywhere and thought it was his dog that ate his son. In turn it was a wolf that came and tried to kill the boy but the dog stopped him. I would want to change the story in so that he never left his dog and went to him and saw he was fighting off the wolf and so the man never ended up killing his loyal dog.

Celtic Tales by Joseph Jacobs

Reading Notes week 12: Celtic Tales, Part A

comely- good looking

tawny- yellowish/brownish

My favorite story is definitely the Gold-tree and Silver-tree story. 

Since it has that snow white vibe I king of want to try a role reversal where Silver-tree and Gold-tree are actually the king and son. The king gets jealous of the son because he is toe he would be a better king but in the process of him trying to kill his son, he kills himself.

Celtic Tales by Joseph Jacobs