Thursday, March 23, 2017

Story planning Week 9:The Sioux Legends

I want to try to combine two stories into one. I really like the Mysterious Butte Story in that it told the future and I really like the story of the fat man being chased by the spiders because he was able to hid from them in the trees and trick them. I want my story to incorporate both those aspects.

I wanted to maybe have the antagonist as an evil tribe leader and the Mysterious butte foretells his demise but to try and stop it he tries to kill the man (or woman) that is supposed to make that happen. When they are being chased, they could run up to the trees and the evil tribe leader would be fooled their reflection. Upon further research, I found that Native American stories try not to have "evil" people in them. The stories are meant to be lessons to children and so the main messages in most stories are that people can do evil things but can be redeemed for it. Granted there are evil spirits in them but they usually do bad and good. The reason for that is to teach kids  that there are things that you will never know if they will do you harm of help, or both.

I would like to slightly change my story in that the Tribe leader has become cruel due to being in power for so long and then the mysterious butte prophesies his death and he tries to stop it but someone shows compassion (probably amid him trying to kill the person that is supposed to kill him) to him and he starts to remember his old ways and goes back to them and the Mysterious Butte changes and all is good. I’ll try to display the meaning of the story as, you are in charge of your actions and only you can choose what your future is. 

This story will stem from The Mysterious Butte from the Sioux legends.