Thursday, March 30, 2017

Week 10 Storytelling: A Land Before People

In a time before the was no floral or fauna on the earth plain. The Raven spent days walking and exploring this vast land. After seeing every nook, he started to long to see a change in how everything looked. Everything he saw looked bare.
He went to creation lake, where his mother made the earth plain from. There he took come mud first made a plant. He was fascinated with the colors he could add and so he ended up making millions of different kinds. Next, he wanted to produce something that would help the plants reproduce. He took more mud and shaped it into tiny creatures. Many of them flew but he liked the idea of the small creatures working together to make a big impact. He created the ants and the bees with that idea in mind. He wanted then to create some bigger animals that would make sure to keep all the plants around and eat the ones that grow too much. He created many different animals, deer included. When he was creating the deer, he shaped them and held them by their bellies but forgot to add any coloring so he put them down but they already had the breath of life in them so they went off before the Raven could do anything. The deer had only completely dried on it's belly so that is why they are white on the bottom and brown on their backs.
Once he finished creating all the animals he could think of he felt as though there was still something missing. He was worried about on type of animal over powering another so he wanted to create an animal that could think more broadly and can bring balance into the world and make sure nothing gets over eaten and breaks the circle of life.
This is where he created a girl. He created he as a small child that would grow quickly but that way he could show her everything he created and tell he how to protect it. He taught her about how the bees pollinate the plants that she eats and that she should keep animals away from them so they can pollinate everything. He taught her about how the deer eat plants and to make them move if they eat too much in one area. He also told her about the predators and to let them eat the animals that have had their time come. He taught her about the beauty that the world had to offer her and she fell in love with his creation. She enjoyed everything for years but noticed that she wanted someone like her so she would not have to enjoy and experience everything alone.
She went to ask the Raven to make a partner for her. He did so and created a man but made him full grown so she would not have to wait for him to age. The woman was happy and taught the man everything she knew hoping that he would share the same love for nature that she had.

Author's note: this comes from the first two stories of the Alaskan unit:
The Raven Myth: Raven's Creation
The Raven Myth: Raven Creates the People
 where the Raven creates the world with humans. The story makes it as though the world is made for humans since a man was the first to be created but I wanted it to seem like humans should be the protectors of earth.