Friday, January 27, 2017

Feedback Thoughts

From, The Difference Between Praise That Promotes Narcissism vs. Healthy Self-Esteem, by Poncie Rutsch, I learned that just because one has narcissistic parents does not mean that one will become narcissistic. One becomes narcissistic because of others, overvaluing ones talents.  From, Be a Mirror: Give Readers Feedback That Fosters a Growth Mindset, by Gravity Goldberg I learned that I should not say things, like, "I like the way you..." and to word what I am saying in a way that they can use again in a different context. In 5 Tips For Taking Feedback Like a Champ, by Megan Burneau, I agree that what really matters is how you react to your feelings of discomfort, not that you feel bad about receiving feedback that is to make you improve.  I felt as though, Why Rejection hurts so much-and what to do about it, by Guy Winch did a good job of explaining why rejection hurts and that it is okay that it always will hurt. He also made a good point not to beat ourselves up about it because that only makes it worse. I feel the best way to give feedback is to make sure it is constructive and if you are going to say something that should be improved, that you should also say the way it should be improved.