Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 1 Story: Flatterers beware

The Crow and the Fox

One day a crow came upon a fox that was feasting on a plate of food left behind by humans and wanted to have some. The Crow was a smart bird and thought of some ways to convince the fox to share some of the food. Remembering that the fox was very caring of his image and was not afraid to gamble, he knew just the way to get some of the food. The Crow flew up onto a branch that was just above the fox and said "oh my, you look like you are that fastest animal around!". The Fox all too easily agreed. The Crow said that he had a bet, this sparked the interest of the Fox because he knew that he could win anything against the crow. The Crow then said "I bet you can run faster than I fly!". The Fox chuckled and agreed to race. The crow said that the race would start where they were and go to the fence at the end of the road and back. The Crow said that he would let the Fox say when to start moving. The Fox laughed and then lined up with the crow and barked “go!” as fast as he could. The Fox was almost all the way down the road before he realized that the crow was nowhere to be seen. Thinking that he was just going that fast he did not think to look behind him. The Crow on the other hand was taking his time flying down to the plate of food the fox left behind grabbing what he could and leaving. By the time the Fox returned he realized only then that the Crow only wanted to steal his food and had no intentions of seeing how fast the Fox really was. 

Author's Note:

Originating from the Fox and the Crow, where a fox flatters the crow by saying it has a wonderful voice, asking the crow to sing for him, making the drop a piece of cheese from it's beak. The Fox then eats the cheese and let's the crow know that was the reason he ask her to sing. I made sure to keep the main idea of the story, which is to always be aware of the reason someone could be complementing you.


 "The Fox and the Crow" from the Fables of Aesop. web link