Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week 6 Storytelling: The King of Little men

Once upon a time there was a scholar who wanted to move to a quiet village named Emmet Village. He had been on a few walks pass this house and fell in love with it. he had heard legends that it was haunted, but did not believe it.

The Scholar moved into the house and the first night staying there he started to hear things. It was not till late at night so he at first though it was a dream. In the living room he could hear a war being fought. After a few tosses, he light his lamp by the  bed and went down to the loving room. 

He could not believe his eyes! There where tiny men everywhere. He could see numerous on horseback fighting each other and tiny catapults throwing rocks. The little men were starting to pick up on the Giant standing there and so chaos started spewing everywhere. All the men started running in different directions and eventually the was not a little person in sight. The Scholar tried to see where they all went but they all moved in so many different directions it seemed as though they went invisible. 

Still not entirely sure if he was dreaming up the whole ordeal or not, he went back to bed to be rested for what the morning had to bring. When morning came, he searched the whole house to see if he could find any remains from last nights events. When nothing was coming up he started to think he was going crazy. After a while he deemed the whole event a hallucination due to his lack of sleep. He spent the rest of the day in his library writing about the events to see if he could try to spin out a book about it.                                 

To his surprise  when he left to get a snack, when he came back, he saw a group of men fishing the the ink he had left sitting on a plate. He made sure to be as quite as possible so that they wouldn't notice him and he could observe how they lived. He saw that they had caught numerous fish and started to prepare them for a feast. he continued watching and saw that more people started to some up with food and decorations and then what looked like the king showed up followed by hundreds of men. After that king wearing a gold helmet came reached the ink lake what looked like another important figure in a scarlet hat came riding in with hundreds of his men. He deduced that these were the men fighting the night before and now they have or were making peace. After the dinner was other and everyone left he went back to his writing hoping that someone may believe what he has seen. Until then, he thought that what he has seen would make good children stories. 

Authors Note: 
The original story comes from The Chinese Fairy Book, ed. by R. Wilhelm and translated by Frederick H. Martens. The Story has the little people not afraid of the Scholar  which leads the king of the tiny people to taunt the Scholar in saying that he is poor and all this time spent learning was wasted because he his king and did not do that but is wealthy. that infuriated the Scholar and he ended up smashing them with a book and running after the others  and killing them too.