Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Week 3 Story Planning: Homer's Odessey

 Homer's Odyssey, translated into English by Tony Kline. A story about the journey Odysseus took to get back to Ithaca from the Trojan War.
I really like the opening of Homer's Odyssey. I really want to add more of a back story to the Cyclops to show that what he did was not a evil thing to do, he was just trying to protect himself. Polyphemus could have acted in that way because he felt as though he was an outcast. He has different roots compared to other Cyclops and could have been isolated and become bitter because of that.

I was getting a little more backstory on Polyphemus when I came across his love story with Galatea on wiki. Love can make anyone go crazy so I could begin their love story right before Odysseus comes to see the Cyclops. Reading more into it I can add Polyphemus killing Galatea's, the sea nymph, lover Acis. (Acis and Galatea wiki).

I will start the story with a little bit of a backstory on how the Cyclops came to be as well as the culture of the cyclops, were eating people is common.Then I will say how he met Galatea ( probably saw he in the waters from afar and slowly fell in love with her) and how she slightly led him on ( she was in love with Acis as well as Polyphemus but more so Acis). Around this part Odysseus will come into the picture and stabs polphemus' eye and then he will become even more infuriated because he does not believe that Galatea could ever love him now that he is blind and that he killed the one she loved. *Spoiler alert*I will have a shocking ending that has to due with Polyphemus dealing with Galatea bringing back Acis into a river spirit . I will try to shed light on how the Cyclops live in that they maybe lawless by our standards but they do have norms that they live by.
By Stefano Bolognini -Polyphemus gets a letter from Galatea