Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reading Notes: Homer's Iliad part A

Homer's Iliad  retold by Alfred Church , link to online reading

Even though the Greeks and Trojans have different cultures they seem to both care about women the same way. When Helen is taken by Paris, his father is mad that he caused all this trouble but does not question why the Greek are attacking or want to get rid of Paris and Helen. Paris seems to be very materialistic like Andromache. I am surprised with how involved the gods are with the humans and how Zeus is wary of how is wife will react when she finds out Thetis, Achilles mother, has gone to him for help.  The character of Achilles is well formed to where he wants nothing to do with Andromache because he sees him as too greedy but still let Patroclus and his men go to protect the ships of the Greeks Even if he knew that they would most likely die. He was worried about losing Patroclus and did ask him not to grow big head but knew that he was his own man and would find a way to go to battle with or without his permission.