Monday, January 16, 2017

Time Strategies

     I believe that I am a very organized person and as long as I make sure to schedule everything appropriately I can get almost everything I need done. I agree with the Myth of "Too Busy",  I think its a good idea to rethink the word "busy" and replace it with "prioritizing my time". It reminds me of something someone told me which was, instead of replying "I'm too Busy", say " I believe my time is more important else where". While it is harsh to say that it, I believe it helps with making sure that what is most important gets done first. I also agree with "11 ways unsuccessful people mismanage their time". When I do not remember to plan out everything I need to do in my agenda, I usually end up falling behind and am overwhelmed. I also make sure to write things down like they have an earlier due date just in case I do catch a procrastination bug and need a jump to start moving again. Another way I make sure that I get everything done on time is I start on projects the day I get them to gauge how long they will take an then double that predicted time to make sure I do not run out of time. In the article "Four Questions to help you overcome procrastination", one of the questions is "How can I make this easier?". I never would have considered this as a way to curb procrastination but it makes sense. My number one way to stay on task and not miss anything is to write everything down on my agenda. I seem to do better if I always have something to do.  I believe that a body in motion stays in motion and that a body at rest stays at rest has a greater meaning than just a law of physics.