Monday, January 16, 2017

Storybook Favorites

   The three stories that sparked my interest were Fairytale CasesCreatures of Irish Lore  and Jackals of Telekeshi.
   I am familiar with the stories the were introduced in the Fairy tale Cases and liked the extra element of the detective being added in there. The author did a good job bringing the stories together. It was also nice that where the detective influenced the story was different. He came in after the traditional story with Hansel and Gretel to say what had already happened with the witch. In Rumpelstiltskin, the detective helped be a part of the story in that he found the name when the original story said that the lady was in the woods and she heard him say it. The images where okay but could have been picked better to hep set the scene for the story. The image of the detective in the introduction did help with setting the character up. The layout was good and very similar to the other stories.
     The images selected for the Creatures of Irish Lore fit the story really well. I am not familiar with these stories so hearing about the creatures in an old pub setting made them that much better. The author did a good job tying everything together. It was nice that there was a description  of where the stories were going to be told. I enjoyed the picture below because of how pristine it looks. The picture also looks like it is about to rain so it sort of sets the scene before the start of the story. 
The Jackals of Telekeshi took from stories that I have never heard of. I enjoyed the setting of the stories and the author did a really good job of tying all the parts of the stories together. I would have preferred the order of the stories to be different. It would have flown better if the baboons story was first since the introduction ending on the the note that the baboon was going to tell a quick story. The images selected for the story fit well and I enjoyed the yellow background which brought the story together well. I really liked this picture that was used with the lion's story.