Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wikipedia trails from the Minotaur to the Ecumene.

In my Wiki search I started with the Minotaur, later taking me to Achelous, the god of all water or a river spirit. From Achelous, I found out about Oceanus and from there I ended on Ecumene. I liked learning about the different variations of the Minotaur, which always have him ending up in a labyrinth. I had never heard about Achelous the River Spirit, so finding out that he was originally the god of all water was quite exciting. I liked the name of his father, Oceanus for I wanted to find out where he got his name. When Finding out his name I did not know what they meant by habitable hemisphere which came up as Ecumene which means civilization in Roman Culture. Oceanus is the river stream at the equator. 
"But dad! I don't want to go!"